1947 Ford F1

Before the advent of the Ford F-Series as the F1 and beyond in 1947, Ford trucks and cars shared the same chassis. As in, Ford trucks were car-based. While this made for strong cars, it did not make for strong trucks. The F-Series, so introduced in 1947, brought about a change in this as Ford diverged its car and truck department and teams.

The all-new chassis of the F-Series was now specifically developed for truck use. While we know the Ford F-Series nomenclature as 150, 250, 350, and so on, it was different at the time. Back then, the nomenclature carried single numerals, from the Ford F1 to the F8, for eight different chassis and gross vehicle weight ratings or mass. The best-selling truck of the time (as is the F-150 today) was the F1 with a six and half-foot bed while the F2 and the F3 followed up with eight-foot beds.