1954 Corvette Roadster

This auction is for a 1954 Chevrolet Corvette Roadster. The Chevrolet Corvette first appeared in 1953 as a unique American entry into the sports car market dominated by European makes. Although not a muscle car by definition, the Corvette used muscle car powertrains and has represented American performance for almost fifty years.

The first Corvette rolled off a makeshift assembly line in Flint Michigan on June 30, 1953, a mere six months after the debut of the concept car at the GM Motorama. From the beginning, the Corvette was unique. It was only available as a two passenger convertible in Polo White with a red interior. All Corvettes were built by hand and its attractive and original body was constructed out of fiberglass, not steel.

The only engine available was named the Blue Flame Special and was an upgraded version of the 235 cid six found in other Chevy cars. It produced 150 bhp due to the use of a higher lift cam which provided a significant boost in torque in the mid-range of engine speed. The valves were special alloy steel and fitted with double springs. The engine also featured a 8.0:1 compression ratio and triple Carter downdraft carburetors on a cast aluminum intake manifold.

This car drives extremely well. Exterior styling features a toothy grille, stone guards over the inseft headlamps, “twin pod” rear fenders, and “rocket ship” taillights. The exterior is a polo white with a beautiful red interior.

Although the powertrain was a departure from typical American straight-line performance, coupled with its light weight, the Corvette boasted excellent handling and road feel.

Classic American Roadster!