1957 Cadillac Coupe de Ville

For 1957, Cadillac once again gave the buying public what they asked for. As they had so many times in the past, the Cadillac Design Team paid little attention to the design trends of the time. Cadillac stuck by it’s guns and kept the philosophy that Cadillac created trends, and did not follow them. This was a double edged sword in many ways. First the “Evolutionary rather then Revolutionary” styling was just what was expected. It was a solid handsome car that would not go out of style as quickly as many other cars of the day did. Neither Lincoln or Imperial could match or even come close to the sales of Cadillac, and this was due in large part to the fact that Cadillac was not going to jeopardize its relationship with ongoing customers by releasing un-proven gizmos and sensational styling.

Cadillac for 1957 was a company enjoying their strong sales and experimenting with concepts of design such as the Brougham and the Eldorado. The 1957’s were a large departure mechanically from the 1956’s, and the design was very close although not even one body panel was shared. Cadillac kept the basic shape of the fins, yet raised them to their highest altitude. The front of the car maintained it’s trademark “Dagmars” which now had rubber tips opposed to the solid chrome design of ’56. Eggcrate grille and gullwing bumper where also carried over and redesigned. The body had been the largest body ever used on a post-war Cadillac, yet because of the forward leaning fins the overall length seemed shorter to most.

This Coupe de Ville comes equipped with a 365 cubic inch motor, Rochester fourbarrel Carb. and Hydra-Matic drive transmission. The exterior is a Desert Rose complemented by a luxurious white and blue cloth interior. This Coupe de Ville comes equipped with such options as, Power Seats, Autronic Eye, Power Window Lifts, Power Brakes and Power Steering. This Cadillac is a solid handsome car that will never go out of style. Not only does it look Classy and Elegant but it also drives extremely well.

The Ultimate “Classic” Cadillac!