1957 Mercury Turnpike Cruiser 4-Dr. Sedan

Since the introduction of the Mercury in 1939, it’s identity has been intertwined with the Ford automobile. Mercurys were considered to be Fords with longer wheel bases, larger engines and richer appointments. Even today, many models of the Ford and Mercury line are virtually the same car aside from for their different names.

In 1957 the Mercury Turnpike Cruiser rolled out of the factories ready to cruise the highway. One of the more interesting features was that the center section of the three-piece rear window rolled down.

This mid 50s “gadget” car has a unique electric Breezeway Rear Window. Another unique feature to note are the spaceship like “feeler” antennas coming out by upper outside windshield which are just ornamental but serving as an external vent for fresh air.

Finished in original factory colours of Sandalwood and Peach, this marvelous work of art has recently benefited from a ground-up restoration exceeding $50,000 Dollars. Factory options include, Pwr. Brakes, Pwr. Steering, Pwr. Adjustable front Seat, Town and country Radio, Factory Air Conditioning and Electric Breezeway Rear Window. The engine is a powerful 368 Cubic Inch (290 Hp) with a 4 bbl carburetor. The transmission is a Merc-O-Matic push button automatic. This Classic Mercury Turnpike looks and feels great, a gorgeous alliance of colour and design.

Gorgeous Art-Deco Example Bid With Confidence.

The Mercury is truly a symbol of the 50’s.