1958 Edsel Pacer


The Edsel Pacer is an automobile produced by the former Mercury-Edsel-Lincoln Division (M-E-L) of theFord Motor Company of Dearborn, Michigan and sold through its Edsel marque in 1958. The Pacer was built off the shorter narrower Edsel platform, shared with Ford and the Ranger.

The Pacer represented a step up from the basic Ranger model. In addition to the Ranger’s base trim appoints, the Pacer received contoured seat backs, nylon upholstery cloth, color-keyed rubber floor mats, and extra stainless steel exterior and interior trim pieces and window moldings. A basic heater and radio were available, and air conditioning was optional as well .

Today less than 6000 Edsels survive, and each one is a cherished classic.  The 1958 Edsel advertising said it best – “Once you’ve seen it, you’ll never forget it.  Once you’ve owned it, you’ll never want to change.”

This 1958 Edsel Pacer sedan is in very nice condition and runs well. Showing 78,201 miles. The White and Black exterior is paired with a two-tone White interior with cloth inserts.  This fine example has the unique floating speedometer and Teletouch wheel-mounted push button automatic transmission.

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