1959 Cadillac Series 6200

This could very well be the car Aretha Franklin sang about!

This auction is for a striking 1959 Cadillac Series 6200 6-window Sedan. This American Luxury car was the 2nd from last year of production for the big-fin models that became a Cadillac staple throughout the late 1940’s through to 1960.

In 1959, Cadillac’s general styling changed slightly from the previous year featuring; the same full width grille as the 1958, but split in two halves by a broad, horizontal bar, two oval recesses set below twin headlights, housing parking lights and turn signal indicator lamps. Also was this was the last model year for the twin bullet brake lights. Rear wheel covers still remained as a standard feature.

This is the base model for this edition. Fitted with 4 doors with a 6-window – “post-less” front / rear side window design featuring a wrap-around rear window, and of-course the “Big-Fin” tail that arguably is an icon for auto opulance that become typical of this luxury brand.

This car is in very fine shape. Fitted with white-walls & original hub caps, factory radio, pwr. seats, pwr. assisted brakes & steering, interior side mirror adjusters & a very clean interior.

The attached manufacturers plate reads as follows;

  • Style # 59-6229
  • Body # FW6217
  • Trim # 34
  • Paint #49-12
  • Top # ACCEHY

This car is every inch a Big-Fin Cadillac!