1964 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Coupe

In the early 1960s Harley Earl retired, and new ideas came with new leadership. Bill Mitchell, GM’s new chief of design, had an incredibly successful idea: Stingray! Tradition was broken as the totally redesigned Corvette was offered as a coupe or a convertible with 4 engine choices. Both featured a streamlined appearance and improved passenger accommodations. The American public loved 1963-1967 Stingrays because they were fast machines that looked supersonic even when parked. They remain the most collectible Corvettes today.

The Sting Rays were the automotive success story of the year. Chevrolet had to add a second shift to its St. Louis, Missouri assembly plant to keep up with demand, and dealers reported owners waiting months for their cars to be built. By the end of the model year, Corvette production would surpass the 20,000-unit milestone.

Styling was cleaned up a bit for 1964. The previous year’s distinctive rear window divider was replaced by a solid piece of glass. The fake hood vents were eliminated and the roof vents were restyled. A three-speed fan was also available in the coupe to aid in ventilation.

Fitted to this car; a 327 cubic inch 300 horsepower V-8 L75 engine. The transmission is the factory optional 4 speed manual transmission. The exterior is silver with a black vinyl interior and original corvette hub caps. This model came equiped with factory air conditioning an extremely rare find. This classic American Roadster is extremely solid and fun to drive. This car would be a great addition to any collection as it is one of the most collectable of all Corvettes.

The attached manufacturers plate reads as follows;

  • Style # 64 837
  • Body # 2804
  • Trim # STD.
  • Paint # 912 AA
  • VIN # 40837S106770