1964 Imperial LeBaron Coupe

From the early years of Chrysler Corporation’s history, the Imperial nameplate was used to designate the finest car of the line. Beginning with the 1955 model year, Imperial became a separate marque unto itself, with a unique model lineup for each year. Thus, the Imperial nameplate was treated as a separate make from the regular Chrysler lineup from 1955 until 1975. Unfortunately, the Imperial ceased production in 1975.

The Imperials of that twenty year span are recognized among collectors as some of the finest American automobiles ever produced. They represent an ideal of style, luxury, comfort, and excess which has not been duplicated since that time.

Imperial’s styling, on the other hand, was subjected to constant experimentation. Each model year brought a new look.

“The LeBaron nameplate was introduced in the Imperial line for 1957. It was used to denote the highest model of Imperial. The midrange model was the Imperial Crown, while the ‘entry’ model was the Imperial Custom. The LeBaron model was used in the Imperial line from 1957 to 1975, when Imperial ceased to be.”

Luxurious Art Deco 1964 Imperial LeBaron Coupe.
This automobile represented the finest Chrysler had to offer in terms of style, luxury and comfort. The powertrain is an Overhead Valve 90 Degree V-8 engine producing 340 horsepower at 4600 rpm. The transmission is a torque flight fully automatic Pushbutton controlled. The exterior is a gorgeous Black, the interior is a white vinyl. Car shows normal signs of wear. Options include Pwr.Steering, Pwr.Brakes, Pwr. windows, Pwr. seats, Pwr.locks and factory A/C, currently not working. This car runs and drives well. Art on wheels!