1970 Plymouth Super Bird

The Plymouth Super Bird was created for the same reason as the Dodge Daytona — a full on high speed race machine designed for the NASCAR races, but available to the public.

The superspeedway “aero wars” were in full flower in 1969 and 1970. Spurred by Ford’s wind-cheating Torino Talledega and Mercury’s Cyclone Spoiler II, Dodge in 1969 added a wild nose cone and towering rear wing to the Charger 500 body to create the Charger Daytona. The Daytona proved highly effective against its Ford and Mercury rivals in stock-car competition. When Dodge’s sister division, Plymouth, clamored for its own winged warrior, it got its wish in the 1970 Road Runner Superbird.

The Superbird was based on the Plymouth Road Runner and the nose, airfoil, and basic sheet metal was different between the Daytona and Superbird. The special nose added 19 inches to the overall length (the Daytona’s was 18 inches), and the trunk spoiler was more angled and higher than the Daytonas. On both models, the spoiler was two feet high so that the owner could open the trunk. Although it created quite an impression on the street, the wing did almost no aerodynamic good under 90 mph.

Plymouth built a total of 1,920 SuperBirds. SuperBirds were available with three different engines. The most popular was the basic Super Commando 440 V8 with a single four barrel carb rated at 375 bhp. Next up was the 440 Six Pack rated at 390 bhp. At the top, and ordered by just 93 buyers, was the mighty 426 Hemi, rated at 425 bhp. Despite the success of the SuperBird on the tracks, 1970 would be the only year it was made.

Gorgeous rare Original Survivor 1970 Plymouth Road Runner Superbird. Fitted to this car; a numbers matching 440 Six Pack V8 with triple two-barrel carbs rated at 390 bhp. The Transmission is a correct Column shift Automatic with a Chrysler 8 3/4″, 3.55:1 Ratio rear axle. Also fitted with Pwr. Steering, Pwr. Brakes, AM/FM Radio and Goodyear Polyglass GT Tires. The exterior is Tor Red with a black vinyl roof with all the correct decals and emblems. The interior is the original Black vinyl in very good condition. Solid example, great investment value. Superbirds Today are valuable collectibles, prized for their rarity and as symbols of that fleeting anything-goes era!

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