1953 Bentley Mk VI R-Type


The first Bentley Motors Ltd was founded in 1919, and between then and 1931, W.O. created the motor cars which became a legend and remain prized and treasured possessions at the end of the twentieth century, something of which the intensely modest W.O. would have been surprised, but also very proud.

Hooper had become famous during the era of horse-drawn vehicles with their exquisitely decked-out carriages and coaches. Quite a few of these found their way into the mews of numerous royal households. After changing over to coachbuilding for motor cars the company became one of the most highly regarded coachbuilders. For decades Hooper enjoyed the position to be authorised coachbuilder for Rolls-Royce and Bentley.

In 1951 the Bentley Mark VI was revised and renamed the R-Type. This version featured an engine with a larger displacement and the standard-body sedan had a lengthened tail. Beginning in 1952 the car was offered with an optional Rolls-Royce/General Motors Hydra-Matic automatic transmission which instantly became more popular the the manual gearbox. Styling and mechanical changes parallel those made for the Rolls-Royce Silver Dawn. The R-Type had more luggage space than the Mark VI and could reach speeds of 100 mph.

Model: Mk VI R-Type
Coachbuilder: Hooper & Co. Ltd.
Body Type: Empress Saloon
Chassis No: B86SR

This Elegant 1953 Bentley Mk VI R-Type Hooper coach built aluminum-bodied car is a rare example with only 41 of this body type ever made. Under the hood sits a 6 cylinder in-line engine cast iron cylinder block with a single dry plate clutch, 4-speed gearbox. The tan aluminum-bodied exterior shows paint bubbles in some areas, the interior is finished with elegant gray leather in good condition with a gorgeous Walnut dash. Except for the for flaws in the paint this 1953 Bentley is in great condition, runs and drives very well, solid throughout. This vehicle was appraised in August 2005 at $52,000.00. This model is extremely rare as there are very few Hooper coach built aluminum-bodied cars left today. A Classic masterpiece of automotive sculpture.