1953 MG TD Roadster

The original MGTD was first produced in late 1949 and had it’s formal introduction in January of 1950. There were a total of four model years; 1950, 1951, 1952, and 1953. The first model set the stage for what the MGTD was. Because of the short amount of time from the inception of the MGTD to the delivery
of the first cars, not everything was quite as the MG Car Company would have liked it. In fact they were still making MGTC’s on the production line when the first MGTD’s were produced. Other models were also being made on the same assembly line at the same time. This says something of the flexibility of the Abingdon work crews and factory.

Most changes to these early MGTD’s were unnoticeable from the untrained eye. One exception to this was the change from solid wheels to slotted wheels. Still steal and not wire, but a change nothing else. Most of this seems to be precipitated from the fact that the brakes were fading due to poor cooling.
Another change was to stiffen the body by adding an internal under firewall tubular frame. It helped but the MGTD body bucket still seems to flex quite a bit when pressed into corners.


CAR NO. TD/14286
BODY TYPE. 22381
BODY NO. 13647/83844

This Classic rare 1953 MG TD Roadster is one elegant British Motorcar with lots of appeal. The engine is the original 4-cylinder 1250 c.c. with the addition of a Magnacharger Supercharger and a 5-Speed manual transmission. This is one quick 1953 TD! The exterior is finished in British Racing Green with a gorgeous Leather upholstered tan interior. Included is the tan soft top, all 4 side curtains and full matching tan Tonneau cover. It is as solid as she looks, & drives like
a classic champ! This classic roadster is ready for the open road or 1st place at the British Car Show. A true gentleman’s car!

Classic Elegant British Roadster!