1956 Mercedes-Benz 190SL Roadster

A Brief History. . .

When the customer version of the 300 SL coupe was introduced at the New York auto show in 1954 it was accompanied by a prototype version of the 190 SL roadster. Where the 300 SL was an expensive supercar, the 190 SL was the much more sensible and affordable alternative. It had styling reminiscent of the great 300 SLR racing cars, but was based on mass-production technology and really meant to cash in on the status and desirability that had been acquired by the exotic 300 SL(R) racing cars. And from the moment the production version became available in May of 1955 it sold considerably well. Still it remained in the shadow of its supercar brother, and when production ceased in February 1963 it wasn’t an instant classic. Many car collectors and enthusiasts considered the 190 SL as the plain skinny sister of the 300 SL and treated it as such. It took until the 1990’s before interest in this car picked up, and now it’s getting more and more popular amongst serious car collectors on it own virtues,
rather than on those of the 300 SL.

quoted from “The Ritz Site”

This is a top grade example of a 1956 190 SL model.
The restoration is of the highest of standards & is sure to please.
Inside & out, this beautiful convertible cannot be faulted.

Finished in a very tasteful, & very complimentary, Mercedes white with chrome accents & blue interior with matching canvas top, this is a possibly the best 190 SL around!