1958 Triumph TR3A Roadster

In 1952 the Type 20TS (often referred to as the TR1) is introduced at Earl’s Court Motor Show. Built on a prewar Standard chassis and sporting a dual-carb version of the Standard Vanguard engine, this show car looked much like the TR2s and TR3s that later followed, although rear body styling was quite different, with a more rounded, traditional look featuring exposed spare tire.

Various continual developments, changes and improvements to both body and mechanical specifications led to the TR3 model for 1956 and the TR3A version around 1958. Production of the TR3 largely ended by 1961, replaced by the mechanically similar (but with much more modern styling and comfort features) TR4. A small number (3,331?) of TR3Bs were built for the North American market in 1962, largely to TR3A specification, although most of these had the larger 2138cc engine and all had the all-synchro TR4 transmission.

Triumph TR3A Specifications;

COMM. No.: TS32465L
Engine Type: 4-cylinder, in line, water cooled, cast iron block and cylinder head
Displacement: 1991 cc / 121.5 cu in.
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Acceleration: 0-30 4.4 seconds, 0-60: 12.6 seconds Top Speed: 104 mph

This is one delightful British Classic Roadster. The exterior is black with a black interior accented with white piping. The soft-top and soft-top frame boot are both black and in great shape. On the exterior this TR3A is equipped with the Center-lock wire wheels and 11″ discs at the front and 10″ drums at rear.

This cute little roadster is not a Trailer Queen, but extremely fun to drive and appeals to any British Car fanatic.