1960 MGA Coupe

When the MGA arrived in 1955, it must have come as quite a shock to MG aficionados who had become used to the pre-war look of the company’s sports cars. Even the revamped TF left nothing to doubt about its 1930’s-style design. The MGA was a complete departurein styling for MG. It’s beautiful streamlined body was right up to the minute in terms of appearance.

The chassis for the MGA was a development of the TD Midget’s unit, but with more widely spaced side rails to allow for a lower seating position to fit in the new sleek bodywork. This not only put the driver and passenger in a more sensible position in relation to the proportions and height of the body, but it had the added advantage of lowering the centre of gravity, thus improving the cornering ability of the car.

A year after the original cars launch, a coupe version of the car was announced. It had a high curved roof line and a larger windscreen than the soft-top version of the car. The doors were fitted with wind-up windows and opening, hinged quarterlights, which made the car a very civilised sports car indeed!

This Elegant Restored MGA Coupe is in exceptional shape. The exterior is a gorgeous red with a new biscuit interior. The undercarriage is extremely solid, both the frame and wood flooring are in great condition. Under the hood is the 1600 4 cylinder in line engine producing 78bhp. Equipped with chrome wire wheels. This car is extremely fun to drive and is extremely rare as most MGA’s are 2 door roadsters.

This is one classy civilized British Sports Car.

This MGA is extremely solid and fun to drive, as it a great investment.