1961 Volvo 544

In August 1958, the Volvo PV544, a progressively present day form of the PV444, was presented. The body was given a larger, convex windscreen together with a larger rear window to improve visibility. The interior featured a new dashboard with a padded upper half to improve interior safety. The speedometer was the “thermometer” type; a red strip showed the speed. The back seat was rebuilt to improve the level of comfort.

Under the skin, the PV544 was ceaselessly refreshed. The real change occurred in 1961, when the well known ‘B18’ motor was introduced under the hat, in the meantime as the electrical framework got 12V flow.

1961 Volvo 544. The exterior is Black with a Red leather interior. 4 Speed manual transmission, floor mounted gear lever. 1600cc, 4 cylinder engine. Well maintained rust-free California car.