1965 Austin Mini Countryman Mk.1

Conceived by Sir Alec Issigonis to combat the Suez fuel crisis of  the late 50’s. The Mini has become a legend in its own right! Copied by almost every single other car manufacturer, the Mini was an industry trend setter.

And . . . this car was built at that remarkable time!

  • front wheel drive
  • transverse engine mounted in the front
  • rubber cone suspension, not steel springs
  • Estate, Van, Pick-up & (no frills) Moke variants

Over 5 million have been built and sold with 137 different models produced. Built as direct competition to the German Bubble cars that were becoming increasingly popular due to the fuel crisis of 1956, which had caused petrol rationing throughout the U.K.. The first mini was launched in August 26, 1959. It became a symbol of the swinging sixties with owners including the Beatles, Peter Sellers, Steve McQueen and many others!

For a 37 year old car this delightful 1965 Mini is in top class condition, both cosmetically and mechanically. The exterior is light blue with matching interior. The wood trim is in first class condition! This car is equipped with a four speed Magic Wand type 4-speed transmission, 848c.c. engine, “turn key ignition”, stock 10″ wheels, incl. the spare & has been fitted with an AM/FM/Cassette stereo & Tachometer!

A famous slogan said. . .

You never forget your first MINI!

This one could be your!