1966 Jaguar 3.8 S-Type

The Jaguar S-Type made its bow on the 30th September 1963 and was intended by Jaguar to combine the virtues of the Mk X and the Mk 2. It had the independent rear suspension of the former and the front coil spring with dual wishbones. Its body looked similar to the Mk 2 but the trunk was longer, the roof line was flatter so as to give more headroom for rear seat passengers, and there were peaks over the headlamps.

Production of the 3.8S, as the new car was officially badged, commenced first, followed by the 3.4S in early 1964. The 3.4-litre model was capable of a top speed around 115mph while the 3.8S could reach a highly respectable 125mph.

This beautiful Jaguar 3.8S is an original left hand drive with automatic transmission equipped with the famous 3.8 litre XK engine with double overhead camshafts and independent rear suspension with the inboard disc brakes as the famous E Type Jaguar. Equipped with tan Connolly leather interior with a gorgeous walnut wood trim. Technically sound and in good working and driving condition. In short a beautiful saloon that is very collectable and is surely going to appreciate in value. Overall this 3.8 is a gorgeous low mileage example and a pleasure to drive.