1967 Triumph TR4A IRS

In 1952 the Type 20TS (often referred to as the TR1) is introduced at Earl’s Court Motor Show. Built on a prewar Standard chassis and sporting a dual-carb version of the Standard Vanguard engine, this show car looked much like the TR2s and TR3s that later followed, although rear body styling was quite different, with a more rounded, traditional look featuring exposed spare tire.

The TR4A was phased in smoothly at the beginning of 1965. Body production changes were limited to a new grille, decoration and badging, along with new body-to-chassis mountings. The press was happy to see an all-independent car, and Triumph was pleased to be the first British car manufacturer to have all-independent suspensions under every car in their line.

Externally the TR4A now had a redesigned grille with side lights mounted in front wing pods that capped the new chrome side mouldings. The TR4A still offered good performance and continued to sell well until the arrival of the six cylinder TR5 in 1967.

This gorgeous example comes equipped with a stock 2138cc 4 Cylinder in-line engine. The carburetors are twin SU’s with a manual 4 Spd. transmission, front 11″ disc brakes and IRS (Independent Rear Suspension). The exterior is a gorgeous red, with a beautiful black vinyl interior with white piping accents and a matching black soft top and cover. Both front and rear chrome bumpers have been refinished and look amazing. This car is extremely solid throughout. This British roadster runs and drives really well, very appealing to any British Car Enthusiast.