1969 Mercedes 280SE Cabriolet

It all started with two different ideas from two different men with two different cars. Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz each created their own companies, manufacturing their own cars. Their companies produced brilliant automobiles as rivals for about 30 years, until economic ties caused their two respectful companies to merge and create what today is the greatest automobile in the world.

Owning a Mercedes gives a real driving enjoyment and pride of ownership. When these cars were manufactured new, Mercedes-Benz adhered to construction methods that resulted in a standard that was the envy of the automotive industry. Every Mercedes-Benz model shared a build quality second to none.

This gorgeous example comes equiped with a 6 cylinder 2778 cc engine with a Bosch mechanical fuel injection with a six-piston pump. The transmission is a floor mounted automatic transmission. The exterior is a gorgeous dark green with a stunning Tan Beige leather interior and brand new tan soft top. This stunning automobile is an excellent driver. An excellent combination of looks, quality and real driving enjoyment.

Mercedes-Benz Quality Second To None!