1970 Fiat Moretti 500 Coupe

Moretti Motor Company is a former automobile manufacturer that was based in Italy. It was founded in 1925 and ceased automobile production in 1989. Today, many of its sports car models can still be found at various European auto shows.

A major shift in Moretti Motors’ operations came in the latter part of the 1950’s when they ceased designing and building complete cars. In an effort to reduce costs and overhead, the company switched to using Fiat mechanicals and chassis for all of its conventional automobiles.

Beautifully proportioned, these Michelotti designed car were hand-built with a smooth and sloping posterior that afforded both styling and visibility, not easily achieved on a car of this stature. Being a true boutique manufacturer, the Coupes were not comparatively cheap, therefore selling in low numbers. Extant running 500 Coupes are estimated to be less than 100.

  • 500-cc, 13-hp two-cylinder engine
  • Four-speed manual transmission
  • Reported as “extremely rare build by Moretti”
  • Owner conveys “likely one of a handful on this continent”
  • Blue exterior