1971 Renault 10

Founded by Louis Renault and his brothers Marcel and Fernaud as the Société Renault Frères in 1898. Louis provided the engineering expertise, while the brothers concentrated on running the business. Their first car, the “Voiturette”, was sold to a friend of Louis after he took a test ride. The company turned to motor racing to raise their profile, and Louis and Marcel quickly garnered success in the first French city-to-city races.

In 1965 the R8 was replaced by the R10, the designers stretching the new model by 20 centimeters to provide both more interior leg room along with better lugggage space. (it increasing from 240 to 315 litres). The first of the longer R10’s retained the round headlamp design of their predecessors, however these were soon replaced with the now familiar squared off design, with the indicators being located under the headlights.

In 1970, the R10’s engine was replaced with a more powerful 1289cc 52hp unit. The Renault R10 gained so much popularity during that time that 690 000 units were built in the course of its production run. Although French production would officially end in 1971, the R10 would remain in production at their Spain facility until 1973.

This adorable 1971 Renault 10 is a rare example of early 70’s European simplicity and driving enjoyment. Being the result of an older restoration this cute little Saloon still shows well both mechanically & aesthetically. The exterior is finished in a gorgeous Green with a black vinyl interior, both very aesthetically pleasing. This Classic French Saloon has been beautifully restored. It is as solid as she looks & drives like a classic champ!