1973 Jaguar XKE Series III Coupe

In 1961 after years of speculation, Jaguar uncaged the ultimate cat, the XKE. This car was so outstanding, that all the other cars paled before it. It was the last of the great racing cars that could be driven on the road. The performance was wild and exciting yet the car exuded beauty and luxury.

The magnificent body was designed in a wind tunnel by Malcolm Sayer, an outstanding aircraft designer. It was crafted of 20 gauge sheet metal with welding monocoupe construction. This allowed savings in weight since there was no heavy frame. There were many innovations introduced in this car.

The first model introduced in 1961 was the Series I E-type.

In 1964 the 3.8 liter car was replaced by the 4.2 liter car. In 1971 in order to pep up the Big Cat, the V-12 engine was installed and known as the Series III.

Elegant Fixed Head 2+2 Coupe from Jaguar. The Series III V-12 XKE Coupe. The engine is a 5343 cc 12 cyl single overhead camshaft producing 272 bhp @ 5850 rpm. The exterior is a stunning Greensand, with a dark Green leather interior. One of the best examples of a¬†Jaguar XKE 2+2 one can find. Meticulously looked after, has hardly seen any rain. This is a very clean example! Options include: Manual Transmission, Pwr. Steering, Pwr. Brakes, Leather Interior, and Air Conditioning in working condition. Tons of service records, judged 1st Place with a score of 9.925 at the 2003 Concours d’Elegance for the Ontario Jaguar Owners Association. This is a wonderful driving machine, one very special Jaguar!