Saab Sonett is an automobile model manufactured between 1966 and 1974 by Sweden’s Saab Automobile AB. Sonetts shared the engines and other components with Saab 96s and 95s of the same era. The first prototypes, now known as the Sonett I, were two-seat, open top light-weight dedicated roadster racers, which, ten years later, evolved into the commercially distributed Sonett models II, V4, and III.

The 1970 redesign of the Sonett V4, named the Sonett III, was initially undertaken by Sergio Coggiola but then altered by Gunnar A. Sjögren to fit the existing chassis without expensive manufacturing line changes. A hinged rear window glass replaced the Sonett II/V4 rear compartment hatch door. With the mandate for a “bulge-less” hood, the engine compartment opening evolved into a small front popup panel, resulting in more limited access than in the Sonett V4.

To help adapt the car to U.S. market tastes, the Sonett III featured a floor-mounted shifter instead of the “out-dated” Sonett V4 column shift, and optional dealer-installed air conditioning. Like the Opel GT, hidden headlamps were operated manually by a lever. The Sonett III used the 1700 cc Ford V4, net power output was 55 hp. Still, the Sonett III accelerated 0-100 km/h in 13 s and, due to a higher differential gear ratio, achieved a top speed of 165 km/h (103 mph) aided by a low 0.31 drag coefficient.

Rare 1973 SAAB SONETT III Lightweight Fiberglass coupe. This example has been finished with an orange exterior and a brown/orange two-tone interior, both showing normal signs of wear. The engine is a 1700 CC Ford V4 producing 55 HP, but due to it’s lightweight design it can accelerate from 0-100KM in 13 Seconds. Engine feels very strong and pulls well, the transmission is a manual 4spd floor mounted. This rare example is a joy to drive, a head turner wherever it goes!