1991 Lotus X180R

In 1990 Lotus needed a race program to promote the Esprit in the US market. To do this they upgraded an Esprit SE to race in the SCCA series. The new car, strictly race prepared, was called the Type 105.

The type 105 SCCA car encouraged Lotus to make a new road-going Supercar. Thus the X180R was born. It was based on the Type 105 having 285 hp. Twenty of these replicas were produced and sold as race-ready, road-going cars. They had air conditioning, dual sports seats and chassis galvanisation (which was missing on the racecars).

In 1991, Lotus made three racecars to enter the SCCA World Challenge. These cars benefited heavily from the 1990 race season. These cars adopted the road-going name X180R despite changing to the Type 106 designation.

1991 Lotus X180R. The exterior is White with a Black interior. 5 speed manual transmission. 9,210 miles. 4 cylinder in-line, 2,174cc engine. #8 out of 20 vehicles made. Dual Sport Seats. Options include power windows, power mirrors, radio and A/C.