1991 Renault Alpine GTA V6 Turbo

The Alpine GTA was the first car launched by Alpine under Renault ownership. It was an update of the Alpine A310. It used the PRV V6 engine; an engine jointly developed by Peugeot, Renault and Volvo in a rear-engined layout.

The Alpine GTA’s aerodynamic body was constructed mainly from fiberglass, making it lighter than the Porsche 944 which it was pitched against. It came in both turbo and naturally aspirated forms. In 1991 the Renault Alpine GTA V6 was updated and became the Renault Alpine A610.

The final incarnation of the Alpine was the Renault Alpine A610 Turbo. It still featured the characteristic Alpine backbone chassis and the engine mounted behind the rear wheels. The rear mounted engine is a 3L V6 engine equipped with a Garrett Turbocharger. The GTA was the final model that would be released under the Alpine marque, which dissolved in 1995.

Mechanically, the Alpine-Renault GTA marked a further evolution of the A310. Power is still provided by the PRV V-6, but there are now two versions. The basic Alpine-Renault GTA carries a normally aspirated 2849-cc unit with Renault’s own unique combination of single and twin-choke carburetors, good for 160 bhp at 5750 rpm. But the big news was availability of the 200-bhp 2458-cc turbocharged engine from the big Renault 25 sedan, which allowed the Alpine-Renault GTA to achieve 150 mph.

Extremely rare 1991 Renault Alpine GTA V6 Turbo 2+2 Coupe.
In-line mounted V6 rear engine with Garrett Ai Research T3 turbocharger producing 200BHP at 5,750RPM and 214ft/lbs torque at 2500rpm. The gearbox is a 5-speed, longitudinally-mounted, manual. The clutch has recently been replaced and the flywheel was resurfaced. The exterior paint is original and shows signs of aging, as does the interior. The car is complete and very original, needs some cosmetic work. The engine runs well and overall it drives great. This is an extremely rare collector car and very sought after!