1966 BMW R50/2

The BMW R50/2 was produced from 1960 to 1969. During 9 years of production 19,036 units were produced.

For 1961, BMW upgraded the engines and added the /2 designation. So BMW would say that these are the /2 models. For some reason owners started calling the previous 5 years of production the /2 also. It makes sense because they were virtually the same.

The BMW R50/2 Motorcycles were fitted with a four-stroke two cylinder flat twin 500cc engine. These engines had a maximum output of 26 hp at 5,800 rpm and a top speed of 87 MPH.

Black 1966 BMW R50/2 Vintage Motorcycle with front faring.
This motorcycle came for a Private Estate Sale and has been in storage since 1986. Motorcycle was in good running condition when it was put in stotage. This is a great collector Motorcycle in exceptional original condition. The engine is a dual cylinder 500cc with a 4 speed transmission. An extremely rare Motorcycle from BMW. A great addition to any Motorcycle collection.