1968 Ducati 250 Race Bike

Ducati, a name long synonymous with motorcycle racing, actually started out manufacturing electronic components. Founded in 1926 by the Ducati family, and officially named “The Societa Radio Brevetti Ducati, they soon became a world leader in the manufacture of radios, electronic components, and even cameras! The company grew by leaps and bounds, employing over 11,000 workers before allied bombing campaigns during the Second World War destroyed the Borgo Panigale factory in 1944.

Ducati engineers designed their first 250 cc for the track knowing that racing once again would provide all the experience they needed to eventually make a great 250 cc street machine. The prototype 250 Ducati won most of its races in America, many of which were run in conjunction with 500 cc events. The first street-legal Ducati 250 made its debut at the Milan Fair in April 1961. The 250 was so popular among sport riders that in 1963 Ducati introduced a sizzling updated version to the U.S. known as the Diana Mark 3 Super Sport which turned out to be the fastest 250 street bike in the world.

Frame # DGM 79350M
Engine # 110678

Vintage 1968 Ducati 250cc Race Bike.
This motorcycle came from a Private Collection and has been restored over the years. This is a great collector Race Motorcycle in exceptional condition. The engine is a single cylinder 250cc Twin spark, 5 speed Transmission. An extremely rare Motorcycle from Ducati, a company synonymous with motorcycle racing. A great addition to any Motorcycle collection.