Lotus Elise
"Lotus Elise SC and Exige S 240"

Ultimate Power, Performance & Handling

Lotus Elise SC

The 2010 Elise SC's pure handling and extraordinary performance is like
driving a street-legal race car. This multi-award-winning roadster has
been given a serious power boost with a specially designed M45 Eaton
rotor pack non-intercooled supercharger. The resulting performance is
an astonishing 0-60 in 4.4 seconds and 0-100 in 10.7 seconds.

In keeping with its role as a supremely fast road car - rather than an
extreme track machine - the Elise's throttle response is very
progressive yet very direct, creating a measured and refined driving
experience. And the fuel economy is an impressive 26 MPG highway.

The 2010 Elise SC is engineering proof that progress is unstoppable.

Lotus Exige S 240

The 2010 Exige S 240 is Lotus' quickest, most powerful street-legal
production car to date. With unrivaled handling, the new Exige S 240
sprints to 60 MPH in a blistering 4.0 seconds and sails past 100 MPH in
just under 10 seconds - with an excellent fuel economy of 26 mpg highway.

The newly styled roof directs more air to the intercooler and enhanced
front brakes increase braking performance. Other improvements,
including variable traction and launch control, allow the Exige S 240
to cater to the individual driving style of its owner.

The Exige S 240 is an ultimate sports car that fits like a racing glove.

The Lotus Heritage is a unique combination of engineering triumphs, racing
superiority and incredible performance.

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