1963 Studebaker Hawk GT

The Studebaker Hawk, introduced as a separate model line in 1956, was already becoming a classic by 1963. This “family sports car” was redesigned by Brooks Stevens for the 1962 model year into a pillarless coupe showing a Ford Thunderbird-like roofline. Subsequently the name was changed to “Gran Turismo” Hawk. For 1963 Stevens added the new squared grille, round parking lights and pleated-vinyl seats.

The Hawk makeover was one of the best Stevens did in my opinion; it resulted in a well-balanced and up-to-date looking car with distinctive yet sporty features.

On the inside the Studebaker Hawk was neat and complete. It featured “safety-padded” panels, bucket seats, sporty round dials in the curved dashboard and a between-seat console in front. The rear seat accommodated up to three passengers, so it really was a sports car that could fit a family.

Not only does the GT Hawk look good, it is powerful and capable too. This top of the line Super Hawk came equipped with the Jet-Thrust R2 supercharged engine from the Avanti. This 290 hp option pushed the Hawk to a straight line speed of over 225 kph! And it corners well too.

This Car is one of the last of the “Hawk Line.” The R-2 Power Plant in this Car was one of only 200 Avanti R-2 Powered Cars built. There was a total of 1,767 Hawks built for the 1963 model year, they were all built in South Bend Indiana.

The car’s exterior is Blue Mist with a matching blue interior in excellent condition. Options include Bucket seats, disc brakes, dual exhaust, power steering and tachometer. The engine is the original supercharged 289CI V-8 with 290 Horsepower. The transmission is a four speed manual. This is a rare American Sports car, with distinctive looks, sporty features and lots of Power.