1982 Chevrolet Corvette Collector Edition

The Chevrolet Corvette first appeared in 1953 as a unique American entry into the sports car market dominated by European makes. Although not a muscle car by definition, the Corvette used muscle car powertrains and has represented American performance for almost fifty years.

The Sting Rays were the automotive success story of the year. Chevrolet had to add a second shift to its St. Louis, Missouri assembly plant to keep up with demand, and dealers reported owners waiting months for their cars to be built. By the end of the model year, Corvette production would surpass the 20,000-unit milestone.

The last of an era. 1982 was the year General Motors said good-bye to the familiar Coke-bottle shaped Corvette that had been on America’s roads sinse 1968. Yes, it was time for a change. GM was scheduled to release a totally new Corvette in 1983. But before they did, they wanted to mark the end of the C3 run with a special car – the Collector Edition. Selling at $22,537.59, the Collector Edition was the first Corvette whose base price exceeded $20,000. Its classy styling, improved performance, and special Collector-Edition only features made it a Corvette to covet.

Production of these Collector Edition cars was 6,759.

Special Collector Edition 1982 Corvette with 55,370 km. This was the last of the C3 model run. The engine is a 350 V8 with the all new for 1982 Cross Fire fuel injection system. The exterior is gold with silver paint with a gold base and a matching leather interior. Factory options include Pwr. Steering, Pwr. Brakes, Air Conditioning, Pwr. Windows/Locks and Pwr. Drivers Seat. Solid example, runs and drives extremely well. Classy styling, improved performance, and special Collector-Edition features, make this a Corvette to covet. Extremely rare with only 6,759 produced.