1951 Kaiser Deluxe Golden Dragon Sedan

The 1951 Kaiser, with the help of Howard “Dutch” Darrin, resulted in this gorgeous Golden Dragon, of the most daringly predictive cars since the war, years ahead in many areas, with acres of glass, smooth integrated lines, and minimal brightwork. The creation of dragon vinyl and Golden Dragons set the Kaiser brand apart from the rest of the cars on the market.
Pleated in big 2 1/2-inch ribs. Dragon vinyl covered the seat cushions, package shelf, and instrument panel. Stretched smooth, it was used on the seat risers, front seatbacks, and door panels. To complement it. Spencer added heavy thick-weave carpeting on floors, quarter panels and lower-door kick pads. Dragon vinyl was not only good-looking, but extremely durable and nearly impervious to wear. In fact, complete “basket-case” cars have been discovered with their Dragon-vinyl seats still looking like new.
The engine is a 115 hp 226 cu. in. Supersonic L-head six-cylinder engine that was used in all Keiser models. This Golden Dragon features an optional Hydra-Matic automatic transmission and it is equipped with optional wire wheel covers. The radio is an AM pushbutton and has implemented the Continental Kit.


– Distinctive Howard Dutch Darrin styling
– The Golden Dragon, second in a series of special models offered from February-April 1951
– 115 hp, 226 cu. in. Supersonic L-head six-cylinder engine
– Features optional Hydra-Matic automatic transmission
– Equipped with optional wire wheel covers
– Continental kit and AM pushbutton radio
– Finished in Arena Yellow with dragon grain vinyl roof and black interior, matching the trim tag
– Appears to be original black interior upholstery
– One of 56,723 Deluxe four-door sedans built for 1951