1956 Allard K3 Hemi


In 1952 Allard gave its popular sports model a new look. The new K3 looked very modern in contrast to the skimpy J1 and K1 models that preceded it. The K3 had coil-spring front suspension and either 3.6 or 4.4 litre V8 engines, some USA cars even had a Cadillac engine as this was considered more prestigious.

The body of the K3 was all new. The side rails were built up from a pair of vertically
stacked chromoly tubes, welded and reinforced with steel plates. Giving a 100-in. wheelbase, this chassis was lighter and stronger than previous Allards. The K3 was a more serious touring car, with an aluminum envelope body, rather than separate clamshell fenders.

1 of 62 Allard K3 Cars Produced from 1952 to 1954!
Extremely Rare powered by a Chrysler 331 Hemi Firepower engine.

This fully Restored 1956 Allard K3 Roadster is powerd by a Chrysler Hemi. Extremely rare example with only 62 of these produced and even less with the Chrysler 331 Hemi. The exterior shows very well in a stunning red with the bubble hood and leather hood locks. The interior features upgraded black bucket seats with racing lap belts and Roll Bar. A proven tour car, it has successfully completed the one lap of America and other touring events.

Some Racing Upgrades Include:

Roll Bar
RJS Racing Lap Belts
2 Fuel Pumps with Manual In-dash Shutoff
Dash Mounted Battery kill Switch
Hurst Floor Mounted Manual Shifter
Fuel Cell
Edmunds Intake Manifold
Complete Exhaust w/Side Pipe Conversions
Front Disk Brakes
Rear In-board Disk Brakes