1963 Jaguar MK X

Though the Jaguar brand was first used in 1945, its factory had been founded long before. In 1922, William Lyons and William Walmsley laid the foundation of the firm in Blackpool, England with the name of Swallow Coachbuilding Co. Later Changed to SS cars Ltd. After World War II the company name SS Cars Ltd. was changed into Jaguar Cars Ltd. It was the birth of the now famous and popular make of Jaguar.

Inside the MK X was traditional Jaguar luxury with leather seating, and walnut wood. The dash was the new “corporate” design of the 1960’s that had originated with the K II in 1959, but with much more extensive use of wood and veneer. Split bench front seats were used, and the rear seats had individual picnic tables that folded down from the back of the front seats.

The MK X ‘s sleek look retained some of the styling cues of the “big” Jaguars. For the first time on a Jaguar a 4 headlight treatment was used and the traditional Jaguar orn grilles were retained.

The attached manufacturers plate reads as follows;

Car No. 350436BW
Body No. Z001801
Engine No. ZA1788-9
Automatic Transmission No. JX2162

This is one delightful all Original British Classic. This Numbers Matching“Big Cat” is an excellent example of Jaguar Luxury and Style. Under the hood sits a 3781cc 6 cyl twin ohc Triple SU 2 inch HD8 Carb. engine producing 255/265 bhp @ 5200 rpm. The brakes are Four wheel discs, rear discs are inboard W/ Vacuum servo assist. Original Blue Leather Patina interior with a Diamond Blue One Re-paint exterior. The undercarriage and engine compartment are extremely solid and in exceptional condition.

A true Original British Classic!