1976 Triumph TR6


In early 1969 the TR´s second new body appeared, this time a facelift carried out by Karmann. The car´s centre section was left almost intact, as from the earlier TR 4/4a/5 & 250 models, but a new bonnet and boot section was grafted on, producing a more angular, purposeful looking TR.

In all, 94,619 TRs were built, of which 86,249 found homes overseas, only 8,370 being sold in the UK.

The TR6 was modified in several respects during its production run and the components affected include the gearbox (ratios) and the optional overdrive (type). The trim was also altered and an air dam was fitted below the bumper from 1973.

The 150bhp (142 bhp DIN) injection engine continued until the end of 1972, when it was somewhat derated to 124 bhp(DIN). For the US market the “federal” engine had 2 Stromberg carbs to keep within the exhaust-emission limits and produced only 104-106 bhp, depending on which year. The TR6 remained in production longer than any previous TR, continuing for the European market until 1975, and for the US market until 1976.

Classic British Sports Car from Triumph, the 1976 TR6 Convertible.
This example has been finished in Green with a Black vinyl interior and black soft top. The engine is a 6 cylinder producing 106 bhp with twin Stromberg carbs and a 4 speed manual transmission with Overdrive. This is one clean good running Southern USA rust free Triumph. Car runs and drives extremely well. This TR6 is very attractive, a great combination of color. A classic roadster!